Sushi workshop

Our sushi workshop is the most popular among the Japanese cuisine workshops we organize. We can conduct the training either at our location or yours, in Tallinn or elsewhere, in Estonian or several other foreign languages. Our instructors have extensive experience in Japanese cuisine and have been collaborating with us since as early as 2007." 

Where does the sushi workshop take place?

A 2.5-hour sushi workshop is suitable for hosting both in Tallinn and elsewhere, either at the client's chosen venue or in our own premises at Tartu maantee 84a, Tallinn. When hosting at our premises, there is an additional room rental fee of 90 euros for 3 hours (plus VAT), and our space can accommodate up to 15 people. The number of participants can also be increased to up to 60, or for larger rotating audiences, even up to 300.

What are the requirements for the venue?

In an ideal space, each participant would have a small table surface and preferably a seat as well. Technically, it would be beneficial to have access to a kettle.

The sushi workshop includes?

The sushi workshop, including the meal, lasts for 2.5 hours. During this time, participants are offered delicious miso soup and we create 12 pieces of sushi per participant. Alongside, there are intriguing stories from Japan, as well as the opportunity to write your name in Japanese.

Menu per person

Miso soup with Japanese ingredients (miso, soft tofu, shiitake mushroom, wakame seaweed)
Western style sushi making
- philadelphia maki: 5 pieces (fresh Norwegian salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, sesame seeds)
- california uramaki 5 pieces (surimi, avocado, fish roe)
Japanese style sushi making 
- salmon nigiri 1 piece
- prawn nigiri 1pcs
- marinated ginger
- soy sauce
– wasabi
- chopsticks

Note: Upon prior agreement, the menu can also be adjusted for vegetarians and other dietary restrictions.

What is the price of the sushi workshop?

230€ sushi workshop base fee + 20€ per person for ingredients
Note: Prices are subject to VAT and transportation/room rental fees.

What ingredients are needed?

All necessary workshop ingredients are included in the price. All sushi ingredients used in the workshop are also available to everyone in Estonia after the training – for example, in stores, and

In addition to the sushi workshop

Add some spice to your workshops by ordering japanese tasting menus.
- Japanese lemonades tasting menu - 5 different and unique lemonades directly from Japan, extra 10euros/person + VAT
- Japanese alcoholic beverages tasting menu - high quality sake and ume/plum wines directly from Japan, extra 15euros/person + VAT
- Japanese snacks and sweets tasting menu - we have selected various exoctic tasting salty and sweet snacks (6 types), extra 10euros/person + VAT.
- fresh wasabi root 100g 70euros + VAT (preorder).
- check out our other workshops here.


Telephone: +372 5858 7887

sushi koolitus
sushi koolitus