Muhu menu 2024

WE WILL OPEN IN JUNE 2024 (date will be announced soon)!
We are open all days except Tuesdays, from 11:30am to 18:30pm at Muhu island, Liiva village.
From 2024 we will serve also famous japanese street food like okonomiyaki and takoyaki.
We will update our menu in June 2024.
Additional information:, 58587887

FUTOMAKI (big rolls)

1. Philadelphia 10pcs 12.-
Salmon, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, sesame seeds

2. Philadelphia plus 10pcs 11.-
Steamed salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce

3. California 10pcs 12.-
Surimi, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, fish roe

4. California prawn 10pcs 13.-
Crispy prawn, cucumber, cream cheese, fish roe, ginger-garlic chilisauce

5. Crispy chicken 10pcs 11.-
Crispy chicken, cream cheese, frillice, sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce

6. Vegan 10pcs 10.-
Kampyo, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds, ginger-garlic chilisauce

TEMPURA SUSHI (big, crispy, warm sushi rolls)

7. Salmon 10pcs 12.-
Salmon, surimi, cream cheese,ginger-garlic chilisauce

8. Prawn 10pcs 13.-
Prawn, frillice, cream cheese, mild curry sauce

9. Crispy chicken 10pcs 12.-
Crispy chicken, cream cheese, frillice, teriyaki sauce

10. Vegan 10pcs 12.-
Kampyo, avocado, frillice, ginger-garlic chilisauce

HOSOMAKI (small rolls)

11. Salmon 6pcs 6.-

12. Kanpyō 6pcs 6.-

13. Cucumber 6pcs 5.-

14. Avocado 6pcs 5.-

15. Prawn 6pcs 7.-

NIGIRI (rice cube with toppings)

Salmon 1pc 3.- 8pcs 20.-