Sushimoni has been specializing in sushi and Japanese-themed catering since 2007. In addition to sushi and other Japanese dishes, we also offer Japanese desserts, snacks, beverages, tea, alcohol, Japanese-style decorations, and service. Head chef Maria Lilje has been working as a chef since 2007 and, along with 10 years of restauranteurship experience, is actively involved in catering and training services as well.

If desired, you can also enhance your event with a diverse and enjoyable Japanese-style experience in addition to the sushi - adding Japanese-dressed servers to the catering, talkative chefs with Japanese experience, small fun speeches on Japanese etiquette or similar topics, writing guests' names in Japanese before their eyes, offering small DIY workshops , or much more.

Sushi and Japanese-themed catering also encompasses such cool dishes as:
Takoyaki - Japanese legendary octopus balls with flying bonito flakes.
Okonomiyaki - Cabbage pancake/pizza from the Osaka region with seafood, bacon, and very unique sauces and toppings.
Korokke - Japanese potato-beef fritters with a touch of French influence, served with a special sauce.
Kare udon - Mildly flavored curry with Indian influences, brought to Japan through English sailors, served with udon wheat noodles, blanched vegetables, and chicken.
Gyoza - An absolute customer favorite! Our original recipe, handmade Japanese dumplings with pork and shrimp, served with an exquisite dipping sauce.
Katsudon - Fried pork with panko coating served with a special sauce.
Yakitori – erinevast kana lihast valmistatud hõrgud vardad.
Oyakodon a dish named "Parent and Child," where udon noodles are in a sweet soy broth with inari tofu pocket and other accompaniments.

We also offer delicious beverages from local Japanese artisans, including various sakes, umeshu (plum wine), and craft beers.

We also have Japanese ceramics and other serving dishes available, and you can also dress yourself or our staff in our Japanese attire.

For additional information, please contact Maria at or call 58587887.