Sushi workshop for sales purposes

Sushi training for sales purposes is a part of the workshops offered by Sushimoni chefs. We have been organizing Japanese cuisine workshops since 2007, and in total, over 400 workshops. In addition to workshops for entertainment, we also provide training for startups, specifically for businesses looking to venture into the sushi field but are not yet well-versed in the intricacies of mass sushi production. The goal is for the company to gain a clear direction after our training on how to proceed and initiate their sushi sales activities. Our trainer is Maria Lilje, who has contributed to establishing the sushi direction for nearly 10 restaurants, including Tabasalu sushi ja burger, SushiMushi, Rimi, Arnesburg hotel, Jaapani Maitsed etc in Estonia and elsewhere. 

Where is this sushi workshop held?

Sushi training for sales purposes is suitable for organizing both in Tallinn and elsewhere, in the client's chosen venues or in our premises at Tartu Maantee 84a, Tallinn. When conducted in our premises, there is an additional room rental fee of 150 euros for 5 hours (plus VAT). 

What are the requirements for the venue?

In an ideal space, each participant should have a small table surface and preferably a seat, with the trainer's activities visible to everyone. Technically, it would be good if there's a deep fryer with oil, but upon agreement, the trainer can also bring it along.

What does the sushi workshop for sales purposes include?

The sushi training lasts a total of 5 hours, including breaks. During the training, participants will be introduced to the fundamental knowledge of sushi – its background, types, popular choices here and elsewhere. Additionally, the following topics will be covered:
- sushi rice, preparing, storing, buying
- preparing sushi vinegar
- cleaning and division of fish, storage, delivery information
- preparing other ingredients
- preparing tempura sushi
- wholesellers
- preparing an optimal menu
- basics of recipe composition
- preparing makizushi, cutting
- preparing nigirizushi
- preparing tempura sushi, cutting
- sauces
- packaging

What are the costs?

500€ base fee for the sushi workshop + 35€ ingredient fee per person.
Note: Prices are subject to VAT and transportation/room rental fees.

What ingredients are needed?

All necessary workshop ingredients are included in the price, including salmon fillet, tuna, prawns, chicken, etc. Together, we will prepare a variety of different types of sushi and tempura sushi to practice. It would be beneficial if there's a deep fryer and frying oil available on-site.

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